Tiny Tails Miniature Horse Farm
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Home is where our Horses are.

We do check references for any homes interested in buying our horses

Once you buy a horse from us, we are available for any questions, guidance or educational needs.

Our horses are up to date with  recommended shots, worming program and farrier needs.

Welcome to our farm website!

Miniature Horses are delightful to raise, show, train, cart and learn from. They possess the same personality as their larger counterparts, and are much more manageable physically and financially. To those of you who have or have had horses, you know the feeling of finishing with chores and 'tucking' them in at night and listening to their contentment chewing hay. It's better than paying for therapy and more rewarding.

The average age of mini owners is 50 years old!

For us, (and we are 'way' over 50) having minis allowed us to stay in touch with that sacred feeling of being around, connecting with horses, and we found it much easier on the old body. We still have to be active, cleaning stalls, getting in hay, grain and shavings, training to cart and showing them. So, we don't have time to be couch potatoes. But our risk of over doing or getting hurt is far less.

We loved meeting people, having them and the grandchildren visit with the horses. The foals are especially adorable when they check out who's visiting. We receive many comments on how friendly and beautiful our horses are.

We started with a couple horses, and then, like Lays Potato Chips, you can't have just one or two.....

Our farm isn't just about the horses, Jim raises fruit trees, berries, produce, Christmas trees, we make maple syrup, jams, and other items for our Roadside Farm Stand. We sell a lot of perennials, annuals and herbs as well. Meeting House Soda made right here in Gilmanton is also sold on our stand.

We also raised Lionhead rabbits, jersey woolie rabbits and english angora rabbits as well as many types of chickens.

We love our little space in the world and try to maximize all of the 5 acres we own. This photo is looking through a shade garden at the back of our home. The shade garden is under a beautiful oak tree where we enjoy sitting outside, relaxing for a few minutes and counting our blessings.


Most of our horses visit residents in Nursing Home settings as a foal. They participate in parades and shows within their 1st year of life to complete their socialization. As you can see, the foals are irresistible